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"When you stop loving people...

stop leading people!"

~John Maxwell"

An Independent Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team


As the Chief Executive Officer of Polished Arrow, Inc., Lois Anderson has designed an organization that meets the leadership training and development needs of non-profit organizations, corporations, private institutions and government agencies. With a commitment to the development and release of transformational leaders, Lois shares proven cross disciplinary principles with leaders who span the spectrum of leadership-- from the local church to private institutions.  Conducting trainings such as Everyday Leadership, Interpersonal Skills for Laboratory Professionals, Effective Team Building, Managing Difficult People, Perfecting the Saints, Strategically Supporting the Visionary and Developing the Leader Within has afforded her the opportunity to develop leaders across disciplines.  

Her innate ability to lead and her desire to train leaders compelled her to refine her skills with a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership and to become a Certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach with the John Maxwell Team.  Presently, Lois is pursuing a Doctoral Degree in Strategic Leadership at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia in order to continue studying effective leadership theories and practices.

Over the past 13 years, Lois has served as a Chief Elder and Overseer for Kingdom Worship Center and Kingdom Fellowship Covenant Ministries. She has supported senior leadership in the preparation and development of ministers, deacons and elders and designed a training module known as Solomon’s Court to prepare adjutants and armorbearers to successfully serve church leaders.  She has also traversed denominational lines and trained servant leaders at every level of ministry. Concomitantly, she has served as a spiritual director, conference coordinator and director of hospitality.

Professionally, Lois has worked for Johns Hopkins Medicine for over 18 years in various leadership roles and is certified as a professional manager.  Currently, she is a Senior Quality and Innovation Project Administrator at the prestigious Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality of Johns Hopkins Medicine.  Through these roles, she has gained experience working with diverse teams and has a proven record of building successful engaged teams.

Lois Anderson is a true leader whose principles of transformational leadership are biblically based and practically proven. She is an example of and a proponent of servant leadership and leads and trains others from that premise. As one who is given to leadership development, she is committed to excellence, integrity and diligence and models that commitment before those she has been privileged to serve.


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