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A polished arrow is a prepared tool, sharpened and ready for use.  Tools are instruments, implements or resources that can be used as a means of accomplishing a purpose.  If we use influence as a basic definition of leadership, then leaders are tools through which individuals can be influenced toward a common goal, shared outcomes and effective service.  Polished Arrow, Inc. seeks to ensure that leaders are effectively trained, equipped and released to function as sharpened tools of transformation wherever they are positioned to serve.


Effective leaders possess both passion and skill.  Leaders with skill and no passion are transactional and leaders with passion and no skill are often a liability.  However, a leader with passion and skill has the capacity to be transformational! With a foundation in leadership theory and practice and a backdrop of servant leadership, Polished Arrow Inc. helps to bridge the gap between passion and skill through strategically designed workshops, seminars, masterminds,  and training for leadership teams and groups.

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