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Lois Anderson is the epitome of leadership and professionalism.  I've worked with Ms. Anderson in several capacities as subordinate and fellow peer.  In each role, Lois skillfully navigates the unique challenge of building diverse teams.  She knows how to engage individuals empathetic ally while discerning opportunities to foster professional growth. 


Ms. Anderson does an exceptional job at planning, organizing, and implementing leadership workshops.  Lois is competent in developing innovative leadership curricula for large groups and organizations.  She is an effective communicator, skilled in bridging healthy dialogue between employers and their employees. 


Ms. Anderson's passion for leadership, training, and development is par excellent. She's a class act who delivers exceptional results! 

J. Glover

I met Ms. Lois Anderson in a church setting and thereafter our meeting developed into a friendship for which I now cherish. I have known Ms. Anderson for many years.


Thinking of Ms. Anderson I equate the following to her character... Tenacious, consistent, great listener, problem solver, encouraging, motivational, inspirational, task oriented, focused and strategic.


Ms. Anderson and I have worked in ministry many years where I have witnessed her impeccable leadership skill and ability. It is one thing to be skilled and gifted as a leader, it is also equally important to be wise in utilizing your skill and ability to engage audiences to soar in a manner in which produces a greater level of purpose and direction.


In her consistency as a great leader, I have also observed her leading techniques in multiple settings, such as: one on one, small groups, large  groups, corporate/conference, classroom and business settings. In each setting, Ms. Anderson demonstrated the aforementioned characteristics and qualities that personifies her as a leader of leaders.


I am privileged to have had and continue to have interaction with Ms. Anderson in different capacities as her leadership deposits compel me and many others to soar.

P. Wheatley

"Leadership encompasses the ability to get others to synthesize their gifts, talents and abilities and maximize their efforts toward a common goal."
~Lois A. Anderson


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